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How it all began...

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How it all began... Empty How it all began...

Post  Rachy on Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:53 pm

It all started November 07 when i got rushed into hospital with a major UTI, i ended up so sick i dehydrated i needed to get on a drip..i had IV fluids and antibiotics arghhh!!! I was not passing much urine and mentioned this to Doctors.. then all of a sudden BAM! Shocked i could not pass urine at all... ?? my tummy was like a football.. I have no sensation to go so i have to self cath by the clock..easy to forget untill my tummy swells Sad
The Doc decided to put a perminant catheter on me and sent me home... a week later bam! another UTI Mad COULD NOT KEEP ANY FLUIDS DOWN OR FOOD ..COLLAPSED AND BK IN HOSPITAL.. ARGHH!! From here they decided to remove the catheter and teach me how to self cath.. it took me months to learn.. i had to rely on my hubby to help.. i hated this so was adament to learn to do it for myself..Since then ive been back in hospital a few times for IV..as its affecting my kidneys... *again ouch!!* Ive had Urodynamics tests (not nice) and was told i had a neurogenic bladder and that my brain aint telling my bladder to contract.. I was sent to a Neurologist and am undergoing testing... Nearly a yr on and i still dont know why my bladder stopped working..? I have had other Neurological symptoms so i think we are in the right direction for a diagnosis *fingers crossed*

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