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Intermottent Cathing for 6 years

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Intermottent Cathing for 6 years Empty Intermottent Cathing for 6 years

Post  Goony on Fri Oct 24, 2008 9:37 am

Like the title says i have been Cathing for 6 yrs now, I have multiple sclerosis and as far as i am aware its all part of my symtpoms, I have never had urodynamics as my GP said it is pointless. It all started about 10 yrs ago i had blurred vision and balance problems, i also thought i suffered with panic attacks which turned out to be the MS HUG Shocked a few years later i ended up losing my bladder functions, i went from voiding too much to not voiding at all. It was 4 agonising years befor i had a DX of MS. So i guess we all have our own reasons for having to SC.

Good luck all



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